"Every now and then there is someone that challenges us to be bigger than ourselves. To take today as a divine appointment with the eternal ....to be the loving arms of Christ to others right in our own home, work, church and community. Not to put off to tomorrow, but live out a daily walk that glorifies God.  Jean inspires by lyric, music and example. Praise God!"    
                                                                                                                - Deb Moore, author, speaker, radio host 


expect the miraculous. 

I just returned from another visit to the UK and am 'sat' with a cup of tea pondering all that the Lord did...in me!  These trips always build my faith. I am suddenly thrust out of my comfort zone and must sing and speak in strange places on very little sleep. There have been many challenges over the years.I’ve had my car broken into and my money, credit cards, phone, passport and identification stolen. I’ve lost my luggage may times. I’ve been threatened by volcanic ash and blizzards. I’ve had to minister… Read more





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