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Singer, songwriter, violinist, speaker, writer, worship leader…Jean Watson’s vision is to bring ‘the sound of heaven’ to earth through words and music.  Having performed in concert halls and churches around the world, Jean’s preferred venues are the dark places like prisons and homeless shelters where God’s light shines the brightest!  It is this faith - the childlike belief that even small things can change the world - that drives Jean.

"Every now and then there is someone that challenges us to be bigger than ourselves. To take today as a divine appointment with the eternal ....to be the loving arms of Christ to others right in our own home, work, church and community. Not to put off to tomorrow, but live out a daily walk that glorifies God.  Jean inspires by lyric, music and example. Praise God!"    

                                                                                                                - Deb Moore, author, speaker, radio host 


front row seat 

I love to be on the front lines of ministry. If I had been alive when Jesus walked the earth, I would have been with Zaccheus up in the tree so I could have a good view! The fun part about a living faith is that we can all have that front row seat to Jesus' ministry every day! All we have to do is be available  and be obedient when He tells us to do something. Here is a story of one of those times when I had a front row seat and got to watch the Master at work. :)






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