"Every now and then there is someone that challenges us to be bigger than ourselves. To take today as a divine appointment with the eternal ....to be the loving arms of Christ to others right in our own home, work, church and community. Not to put off to tomorrow, but live out a daily walk that glorifies God.  Jean inspires by lyric, music and example. Praise God!"    
                                                                                                                - Deb Moore, author, speaker, radio host 

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I am sitting here after a long day of teaching....yes, I still teach music lessons one day a week to eager young piano, vocal, and violin students. My feet are propped up and there's a blanket over my legs. I'm so comfortable right now that I'm not sure I want to move to my bedroom to go to sleep! I will enjoy my little rest to the fullest because tomorrow begins another journey the green island of my dreams and destiny. How many times have I been to Ireland? I have lost count. But my heart still skips a…



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